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Program Overview

As the prime connection between people and the planet, food and agriculture can help achieve multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we are inviting junior and senior high school students to dig in, learn more and pioneer innovative solutions to today's biggest challenges via the Sustainable Youth Challenge. This customized program is designed to educate and engage students with the world’s 17 SDGs and provide opportunities to curate innovative solutions. 

The primary goal of the Sustainable Youth Challenge (SYC) is to develop key sustainability competencies in youth by infusing creative problem solving and innovation within a team-oriented, problem-based learning program. In addition, participation in SYC empowers youth to make informed decisions and take responsible actions for environmental integrity, economic viability, and a just society for present and future generations.

The Challenge:

Students in grades 9-12 are invited to submit a project that relates to the annual challenge question. Working in teams or individually, students will research their topic, engage in collaborative problem-solving and draft a solution.  ​

The challenge is available online and comprises four lesson modules and engaging interactive learning tools. The challenge can be broken into bite-sized lessons or offered as a main course taking approximately 2 weeks to complete. 

Resources for grades 9-12 will guide students through an introduction to sustainable development, the sustainable development goals, the role of agriculture as a uniting thread, and this year’s theme, Zero Hunger. Students will complete the challenge by identifying the issue and crafting creative solutions to solve the challenge. Submission options can include, but are not limited to: infographic, video, podcast, essay, case study, etc. 

Approximate Time Requirement to Complete Learning Modules:

  • Lesson 1: What is Sustainable Development 60 minutes

  • Lesson 2: Getting to Know the SDGs 90 minutes

  • Lesson 3: The Unifying Thread 60 minutes

  • Lesson 4: Ending Hunger 60 minutes

  • Challenge: Completed as students work through lesson modules - Approximately 2 weeks to complete 

Challenge Timeline: 

March 4 - Registration Deadline

April 29 - Submissions Due

We are currently piloting this year's challenge theme, and are looking for five Alberta schools to participate.  Each participating school will receive an incentive reward of $500 upon completion of the full challenge and submission of their completed program evaluation and feedback surveys. Minimum 25 student submissions per school must be submitted to be eligible for the incentive.


Schools are also eligible for another $50 for every 10 entries they submit to the challenge up to a maximum 100 entries per school. ​

The pilot registration is first come, first served - limited to five schools. 

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